Staging sells homes!

A recent national survey showed that 95% of ASP® Staged homes sell on average in less than
2 weeks  compared to non-staged homes which sell on average in 90 days.

Staging is different than decorating.  When you decorate your home you want it to reflect your personality.  Staging highlights the house and property and invites buyers to imagine living  there.  According to the National Association of Realtors, over 90% of buyers look online first to view possible properties. They will screen out those with unappealing pictures.  Staging will help your house look it's best in marketing photos and provide a positive first impression.

Invest in Staging.  As an accredited staging professional (ASP), Lois Flickinger, owner of Lancaster Home Staging, will look at your home, inside and out, from a buyer’s perspective and help you create a  welcoming environment that emphasizes the property's best features.

All homes, regardless of size or condition, can benefit from staging and the process can be as simple or involved as your time and budget allow.  Staging does not require a large budget.  We can be creative using what is already in the house.  You may have concerns regarding living in a Staged home with pets, children, or perhaps a home business.  We can find ways to make it as easy as possible to live in your home and still have it ready to show to potential buyers.

Each home is unique!  Please contact me for a free estimate.

Lois Flickinger  (717) 371-7727

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Owner of a vacant home:
"Thank you so much for staging my little home - I'm convinced it made a difference and after seeing it I'd have to say anyone who sells a home without at least consulting you is doing themselves a huge disservice.  I've bought and sold 10 homes and continue to learn each time.  Thank you so much for your service and friendship."

From a Realtor:
"Lois has staged many homes for me, transforming my sellers' homes to sell quickly with flexibility to meet anyone's budget. Lois works with my sellers existing furnishings to maximize space and she also stages vacant homes using her own inventory of furnishings. She is also a painter and landscaper!  Lois proves Staging Sells Homes!!!"

Owner of an occupied townhouse:
"I do really believe your professional job made the sale....So a big thanks, it would not have happened without your help."

Owner of an occupied home:
" For the third time...our house is on the market (over 18 months in total the first two times).  We have a lovely home around the $300K price range.  It is spotless, clean and well maintained (no major bangs and bumps anywhere), and has a lot of upgrades.  It unfortunately has a landscaped hill in the backyard and a bit of an unconventional layout inside between the formal living room and the family room.  Because of that unconventional layout and coupled with half of our house really being filled with children’s stuff, I don’t think that people were able to adequately envision and admire the potential of the home.  So, with much trepidation I finally relented to consulting a stager….In a tough market when few homes in our price range are selling, we were able to sell our house….It does take the right person to walk in under the right circumstances, but we really credit a lot of this to the insight and
help Lois gave us at a very reasonable cost."